I was born at an early age. As a baby, I was rocketed to Earth in the hopes I would gain powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal man. So far, not so good. Most days I’m a professional copywriter, staff writer, author, essayist, husband, father, and scrambled eggs maker.

I’ve written books. You should read them.

Goodnight Princess begins with a little princess getting ready for bed, but needs a story! With her parents, the king and queen, out of the castle, it’s up to Sebastian and the rest of the servants to read her a story. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite go as planned. This bedtime story about a bedtime story is perfect for silly readers and little princesses alike. You can buy it here.

The Beautiful Kill is a dark tale of two assassins with only one making it out alive. It's a fumetti, noir-ish, first-person point-of-view tale of seduction and death. Not for the kids. You can buy it here.

Captured Ghosts is a collection of twenty years of essays, short stories, and other assorted musings. I’m still finalizing everything and I hope to have it available sometime in 2019.

If you like my writing let me know. If you feel even more generous, please visit my Amazon wish list.

I’ve curtailed my use of social media considerably, but I do tweet infrequently on Twitter. If you have any interest in what I listen to while working, follow me on Spotify. If you want to join my professional network, step right up and say hi on LinkedIn. I’m on Facebook, but chances are I’m not going to be your friend if I don’t already know you IRL.

My home is in East Central Illinois where I live with my amazing and talented wife and three incredible girls, marvel at my collection of original artwork, cheer on the St. Louis Cardinals, root for University of Illinois athletics, and continue to look for the next big adventure.