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Let’s begin with the end. I liked the end. I had some minor quibbles (more below — and a lot more below that), but I thought the idea and tone were correct. It was a fitting ending for Star Wars, the OG saga.

Rey forsaking her own name and taking up the Skywalker name was great.

The Rise of Skywalker, the film, unfortunately, is not great. It’s certainly not the worst of the saga. But I do think it’s the worst of the latest trilogy. I’m always hesitant to jump to such conclusions having seen the film only once. But I’ve sat on it for a few days at this point. And I suspect my thoughts on second viewing will be similar. Rise of Skywalker is… fine. Nice in some ways, but disappointing and frustrating in far more ways.

And I don’t solely put the blame on J.J. Abrams, by the way. More below.

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Be Kind

On Christmas, I was watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special, “Twice Upon a Time,” as one is apt to do on this day. It was a fun episode, but the real kicker everyone was waiting for (including me) was the regeneration scene. One of the more innovative ideas of Doctor Who is that when the lead actor decides it’s time to move on from the role, a new actor steps in and the character basically turns into the actor and away we go in his (or her) police phone box ship for adventures in time and space. These regeneration scenes have been pivotal in the run of the show, and the latest one was no exception.

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