There has never been a more important time to be reading and writing. More people write than ever before: emails, text messages, tweets, and so much more. More people are reading than at any other time in recorded history: the aforementioned items, but also product reviews, websites, blogs, online news, and social media.

I grew up in a house full of books, science fiction mostly and boxes and boxes of silver age comics. Naturally, I read quite a bit too. With all the reading, it was natural that I would write.

A third grade writing project called “The Bionic Spider versus the Bionic Fly” was received warmly even with the derivative theme. It also led me down the path to writing and crafting my own fiction.

My senior year in college I had an internship writing sports information. In fact, I was able to write my own press release about being the captain of my school’s cross country team. The experience drew me to marketing and promotional copywriting, which I’ve been doing for most of my career.

In 2005, I wrote (and my local newspaper published) a story about becoming an MTV winner, along with my best friend, and going to see the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles.

I’ve written articles for various company internal and external newsletters, but most of my career has been strong copywriting for product boxes, manuals, websites, magazines, and more.

During that time, I created and maintained a variety of blogs and websites. Most of the decent pieces I put together over the more than two decades of writing are included in Captured Ghosts. At one time, my entire writing output was online. I maintained a Medium publication that included many of the pieces featured in Captured Ghosts, but those have been mostly removed and the publication was shut down. I still, occasionally, write a personal essay and post it to Medium.

In 2018, I began writing feature articles for the Fighting Illini website. These articles are a joy to write and I’ve met several smart, passionate, and exciting individuals through this experience. I continue to write for the Fighting Illini website and I hope to have more pieces in the future.

While I technically do not have a freelance copywriting business, I am available for writing projects and consultation.