Adventures in publishing.

goodnightprincess_mainGoodnight Princess  begins with a little princess getting ready for bed, but needs a story! With her parents, the king and queen, out of the castle, it’s up to Sebastian and the rest of the servants to read her a story. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite go as planned.

This bedtime story about a bedtime story is perfect for silly readers and little princesses alike.

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The Beautiful Kill was written in a decidedly dark time for me. The story itself came flowing out of me into a moleskine notebook. I couldn’t stop writing as the story needed an ending and the ideas were coming like lightning bolts.

The idea of turning the story into a fumetti came later. Asking my friend to basically pose as naked as she felt comfortable with while I take hundreds of pictures was a hold my breath moment, but she instantly understood the art form and wanted to participate. I experimented with various photoshop settings to get the look for the entire piece. Adding in Creative Commons photos allowed the project to have a bit more life than just the still photography.

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