A collection of personal essays about family, kindness, marriage, and pop culture as well as short stories featuring alternate realities, mysterious smiles, genies, and, of course, ghosts. 

The Short Stories
The twelve short stories collected here for the first time showcase a vivid imagination and hope tinged with sadness. It leads off with Zoe, a tale about lost love and how the paths two people take can sometimes converge. The Obvious Choice is the oldest included story and tells the tale of what a genie can really offer you besides three wishes. The mysterious Ghost Runner on Third reminds us that we can go home again even if home means homeplate. These and nine other stories are sure to delight and maybe make you look for the spirits in your own life.

The Essays
More than thirty essays are included in Captured Ghosts. From notes on the rise of Barack Obama to teenage girls in the 21st century to opening mystery boxes and marching up mountains, these essays are microcosms of a certain time and place. These essays paint a picture of what was important at that time. From politics to parenting, pop culture to personal anecdotes, you will find something to relate to or rail against.

With almost twenty years of writing, these short stories and essays are a journey into the mind of the author.