A little princess is going to bed, but needs a story!

With her parents, the king and queen, out of the castle, it’s up to Sebastian and the rest of the servants to read her a story. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite go as planned. This bedtime story about a bedtime story is perfect for silly readers and little princesses alike.

The Cast of Characters

Praise for Goodnight Princess

“What separates the true classic children’s book, whether it be Goodnight Moon, The Polar Express, The Giving Tree, and their ilk, is their ability to give something to the adult reader at the same time the child is entertained. It’s those books that get asked for again and again at bedtime while others pile in a corner. On this scale, Goodnight Princess succeeds heartily. Its simple story and compelling art captivate both reader and child and I anticipate reading it many, many a bedtime.” 

— Mark Allen, author of Six Degrees of September

“Every child who has ever had trouble going to sleep, and every parent who loves to incorporate voices, accents and creativity into a bedtime story will find Goodnight Princess a family classic and tradition. This will be your go-to book to teach your children a going to bed routine, to entertain, and to live happily ever after. As an aunt, a teacher, and a prospective mother, I am making this book a priority for the children I care for. You should too!”

— Justine Fitton, First Year Writing Instructor at Columbia College Chicago 

“The combination of story and art are wonderful. McDevitt and Roos have created a charmingly fun to read bedtime story. The watercolor artwork is stunning and the story is cute and adorable. I highly recommend Goodnight Princess for families who want to have fun right before bed. Pleasant dreams!”

— Howard Milton, father of three