A dark assassin stalks her competition in this noir-dripping story. Infused with equal parts narrative and imagery, this sexually-charged fumetti or photo comic features original photography mixed with ones found online at free or Creative Commons-licensed high-resolution photo websites.

The ashcan-size project had an extremely short print run and is available as a downloadable PDF. Print versions of the original run are available for $100 each. Contact me directly if you would like to purchase one.

The Beautiful Kill was written in a decidedly dark time personally. The story itself came flowing out of me into a moleskine notebook. I couldn’t stop writing as the story needed an ending and the ideas were coming like lightning bolts.

I printed only a few hundred copies and took them with me to various comic book conventions, usually trading them with other vendors or giving them away for free.

Why Fumetti?
Growing up I was fascinated with photo stories derived from movies and television episodes. I owned a Star Trek The Motion Picture Photostory book and knew it was an interesting way of creating a comic book-like story without using a penciller, inker, colorist, or letterer.

The plan of turning The Beautiful Kill into a fumetti came much later in the process. I wanted to have an ashcan project I could bring with me to conventions to give to other creatives and art directors looking for writers. The idea was to take the hand-written story and turn it into something visual as well.