Foul Fan

I saw the video of this guy at the Texas Rangers-St. Louis Cardinals game jumping the rows to get a foul ball.  At first it does seem like he didn’t see the young boy in his mad dash for the $10 ball.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he didn’t see the kid, especially as his ass smacks him in the face and nearly topples him.  I like that the mother of the boy smacks him in the head as he celebrates. A fun day at the old ballpark.

The interesting thing is that Reggie Sanders sees the replay on the close-circuit television in the dugout and runs out there and gives the boy and his mother one of his bats.  Now, that’s either a class act or someone really not into the game on the field.  I’m sure Sosa would NEVER have done such a thing.

Now, I think the guy should have given the ball to the kid.  Especially after the crowd starts chanting.  I mean, his wife/girlfriend/whatever is right there.  What better way to score some points with his significant other than to be on national television and handing the ball to the kid. He’d be like Mean Joe Green and the jersey.  The bald guy from Pardon the Interruption on ESPN would have said nice things about him.

Of course, he also missed his chance to take it back and go, “Ha Ha” in his best Nelson Muntz impersonation.

Hopefully that other “Bartman” will now be able to walk the streets of Chicago and say, “At least I’m not an asshat like that guy!”