April Scott Interview

I’ve found a star on the horizon. Her names is April Scott, an amazingly beautiful and talented model/actress.

She starred in the latest Motely Crue video; she was on CSI: Miami, the Shield and Entourage. She’s appeared in ad campaigns for Mearl Norman Cosmetics, the 2005 Bacardi Calendar and the 2006 Dreamgirls Calendar. She’s going to be in the new Dukes of Hazzard movie.

April is no dumb model either, she earned a BS in theater with a minor in rhetoric. Her grade point average in college was an amazing 4.083, which earned her valedictorian honors for her class in 2001. There’s nothing like a hot, intelligent girl.

Just because I thought “it never hurts to ask,” April answered a few emailed questions:

1. What was the biggest difference in living in California versus your hometown?
It was quite an adjustment moving from Missouri to Los Angeles. I’m from a town of 2000 people and I had never been to California before so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Everyone had me worried about earthquakes and gang violence, but that didn’t scare me, I just did mapquest and drove out here. I ended up moving into this apartment building downtown because the manager lied to me and told me that downtown L.A. was “close to everything” and that everyone wanted to live there. Ended up, the place had no hot water, prostitutes living upstairs, and too many visits from the LAPD! It was a real nightmare, and two months later in the middle of the night I moved everything into my car and just ran away as fast as I could… Ever since then I’ve lived in West Hollywood and now I live in Beverly Hills, which is much better to say the least.

2. What does a guy have to do to get your attention?
I don’t think there’s any real formula to getting my attention. I honestly don’t have that many guys approach me. Or at least ones that I would be interested in:) So, I guess I need someone to have the confidence to walk over and say hi. And then after that, a sense of humor is nice, I always like to laugh. And then I like guys that are somewhat mysterious…that’s always alluring, but above all I look for intelligence, someone who can keep my attention has got to have something interesting to talk about!

3. What item can you never be without and why?
Two things really. I have a cross necklace that’s real special to me. It’s platinum with diamonds and I always wear it whenever I can. I like to feel that it keeps me safe and brings me good luck. And also my blackberry. I dropped it two weeks ago and had to send it in to have it fixed. I was lost for a week without it. I can’t survive if I don’t have access to my email and all my phone numbers:)

4. Which do you prefer: modeling or acting?
I love modeling– I won’t lie. It’s fun to get dressed up and get to perform in front of the camera. And I really love getting to meet and work with different photographers, makeup artists, and stylists because they are such cool people– usually. And so, even though its hard work, it’s usually just so much fun that you don’t notice.

However, my first love was theater and acting. It is more challenging and ultimately much more fullfilling. You get to engage more parts of your brain and be more creative. And just simply experience more. So, I’d definately have to go with acting.

But even more so, I like directing. I directed quite a bit of theater in college and there is nothing quite like it. Particuarlly if you are directing something that you have written. Its like an amazing creative high, a euphoria really, for a moment you feel almost God-like– as if the universe is completely under your control… which might explain why so many directors are so egocentrical:)

5. what are some of your projects on the horizon?
I am finishing up shooting my swimsuit calendar. Which is really exciting. It should be very cool once its finished. And I have a movie that I’ll be doing in a couple of months. But, also I’m working on writing a script that I want to star in and produce If all goes well 🙂 It’s a tremendous amount of work, but I’m not going to rest until its done. It’s difficult to be a model and be taken seriously in the acting world. And so sometimes you have to create opportunities for yourself, and that’s where the writing comes in. That and the need to express myself, I think that’s the driving force behind me. What’s the point of living if you can’t be creative and make a contribution in some way. Ultimately, I want to do what I enjoy, create good work, and have fun in the process.

Big things on the horizon!