I love backmasking. And now with digital music files and home editing software there’s no more spinning the vinyl record backward on a turntable: Satan, apparently, has gone binary. Enter “backmasking” into the Google search engine and nearly 9,000 sites pop up.

The whole stupid Christian coalition making what are really phonetic reversals into messages from Satan just cracks me up. I remember seeing televangelists wail about this crap. Of course since I was/am a huge fan of KISS, there was the inevitable “Knights in Satan’s Service” tag. Funny enough though, KISS never had a song that was backmasked either intentionally or not.

Wikipedia has a great collection of intended and non-intended backmasking information. Even more fun is Jeff Milner’s site which has many tracks forwards and backwards for your listening pleasure. Most of these are famous backmasking tracks that either I read about or actually heard back in the day.

Hearing “My Sweet Satan” coming from a phonetic reversal of Stairway to Heaven takes me back to high school and guys who were talented enough to either splice the cassette tape or record the album and then “hand roll” it backwards to try and recreate the sound.

I wish some of the newer metal bands would bring this practice back just to screw with the crazy relgious right. I’d have all kinds of intentional backmasking on an album. All of it would be just like Christian rock band Petra’s famous intentional backmask which says, “What are you looking for the devil for, when you ought to be looking for the Lord?”

Heh. That’d show ‘em.