Lost in Translation

The biggest mystery of the burgeoning television season is not who’s gonna win Survivor or why Joey is still on the air or even how quickly Martha Stewart will get canceled, but what the hell is going on with Lost.

I didn’t watch the first season last year. I should have, but with the help of those friendly BitTorrent folks, I got caught up just in time to see Kate and Locke descend into the hatch. It was, for all intents and purposes, fairly gripping television.

Now, everyone who’s been paying attention has a theory on what’s going on. The producers and writers of the show have debunked many theories – they’re all dead, in purgatory, time travel is involved, it’s Star Trek’s “Shore Leave,” it’s the Truman Show, it’s a real-life Survivor show, it’s a dream, etc. The bottom line they’ve confirmed is that everything that’s happening is happening.

The closest thing to Lost, in my opinion, was Twin Peaks. However, as soon as the audience learned who killed Laura Palmer the show “pfffft” out of existence. The writers of Lost are thankfully taking their cue from another mysterious show, The Prisoner. With The Prisoner, the audience had plenty of clues but rarely a satisfactory answer. If you’re expecting to have all the answers about the passengers, the island, the crash and a host of “others” then you are bound to be disappointed.

And why would you want the answers anyway? Half the fun of the show is coming up with a million and one theories to the show. Right now there are way too many loose threads to tie together and I can’t see how the writers are going to do it. Of course, having unanswered questions makes for good drama.

I’ve glanced at the season one companion and have been tempted to buy it, just for the additional info and episode breakdowns. If I had time and the inclination, I’d do a full study of character arcs, weird occurrences and plot points. At least I’d have a sense, maybe, of where the writers are going this season. I’m sure someone on the internets is doing such a thing.

Please don’t post any message board links in the comments. I have no desire to sludge through post after post claiming that they’re all dead. The “fake” web sites put up by the show’s producers are kinda fun, but I think they are mostly delivering misinformation.

What I want is a thorough analysis of season one and what’s happened so far in season two. Anybody out there got a good link?

My Lost theories… so far. Everything is subject to change:

• The island is one big testing ground for a variety of sociological, psychological and para-psychological phenomena. Hence, all the weird, odd stuff happening.

• All the talk about the Hanso Foundation and Dharma will ultimately prove to be a front for a black book government facility.

• The electromagnetic interference is what brought down the plane. However, I’m fairly sure they never actually “crashed.”

• There are five other bunkers, which will ultimately provide more information about what the “scientists” were studying and give us more clues to the weird occurrences on the island.

• The black smoke are nanobots. Hence, the mechanical sounds to induce a fear response and protect the island.

• The nanobots infected Locke, which conveniently fixed his legs. They may have infected everyone. They could be the cause of the sickness worried about in the last episode.

• They are being watched (via nanobots) and were brought specifically to the island as a test. These are the “others” that everyone keeps talking about.

• The others will never be seen, except maybe in a finale of some kind.

• Walt is psychic. To what extent is still unknown.

• The fishing boat people kidnapped Walt because they want to use him against the others.

• I don’t have enough info yet to tell where the fishing boat people come from 0ther than another part of the island. They’re not the “others.”

• The island is freakin’ huge. I can’t believe that it is not on a map. This means something.

• The voices the passengers keep hearing are ESP messages from one of the bunkers.

• The numbers are part of a global telepathic probability test.

I’ll probably think some more on this. Please post your ideas below. I’d love to mock them into ridiculousness.