Get it right. Every time.

I’ve bitched about it before, but here I go again. The umpires suck.

Home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi took it upon himself to give Houston the win. He missed the call at the plate, decided to have zero self-control and eject LaRussa and Edmonds and to top it all off have the most inconsistent strike zone I’ve ever seen.

Houston is a good team. I’m not denying that. I’m also not denying that whoever wins this series will most likely beat the AL champ. Of course, the umps might have a different script to work with.

The umps have made calls that have pushed themselves into both championship series. I’m sick of it. The umpires are not who the fans want to see. I don’t care who calls balls and strikes, safe and out, foul and fair. I just want them to do it right. Everytime.

Don’t give me that crap about how they are only human, make-up calls, everybody makes mistakes, blah, blah, blah. Get it right. Every time.

Believe me I understand that you won’t. But I want the goal to be “Get it right. Every time.” All I see is lip service paid to such a manifesto. I want to hear about umpires, referees and officials getting fined and fired for not doing their job.

And while you’re at it, let’s make sure that the best umpires handle all the important games. I don’t want a hot head behind the plate. If I’m the head of the umpires and I see two or three blown calls then that ump doesn’t do that series anymore. If I’m the head of the umpires and the major league coaching staffs hate the umpires I’ve assigned to the big important playoff games, perhaps I’ve assigned the wrong group of guys. If I’m the head of the umpires and I know of radio announcers who refuse to mention their names on the air because they think they are that bad, perhaps I need to let that guy go.

And another thing, I’m tired of teams getting into the playoffs who don’t deserve it. Granted, the playoffs have nothing to do with the regular season and it’s all about who gets hot and who has momentum. I don’t care.

I hate the wild card system about as much as the designated hitter. This wild card shit has got to go. It rewards mediocre play during the season and makes the regular season seem irrelevant.

If you win your division, you get in and you play to become league champion and go on to the World Series. End of story. Get rid of the odd number of divisions by adding one more division (North, South, East and West) giving each division four teams. Now, we have an even number and the winners of each division play to become league champion. Gee, isn’t that simple?

Can the Cardinals come back? Sure. They just have to win three games in a row against a murder’s row of pitching. Maybe these losses will light a fire. Maybe someone in the clubhouse will start being a leader and inspiring everyone.

I’m losing interest in baseball. Illinois basketball is coming up. Now college basketball… that’s where the officials never make mistakes…