Not in the Cards

It was not quite what the crowd at Busch Stadium wanted. It was not quite what the millions dressed in Cardinal red at home watching wanted. It was, however, what Cub fans wanted.

A Cardinals/White Sox World Series would probably have put most Cub fans into cardiac arrest. The very fact that the southsiders are even in the World Series has got to be disheartening to say the least.

I don’t understand Cub fans. They certainly don’t have anything worthwhile to root for. Of course, Cub fans don’t go to Wrigley to root for the team, they go because it’s like going to one big sports bar where the game is on the biggest plasma screen ever. These people aren’t fans, they’re drunks who wear blue and gray. It’s not baseball, it’s a downtown sportsbar with really expensive beer.

But I digress.

Believe me when I say that the baseball season now is over. Oh, I know that there’s another best of seven series starting Saturday, but I don’t care one iota. It’s mildly amusing to know that the White Sox are in the big show, but seriously, my interest dropped off the second the last out of the NLCS was recorded. I absolutely hate that the regular season essentially means nothing. I’m tired of the wild card system which rewards mediocre to above average play all season long with playoff berths.

The Cardinals might be the best team in baseball, but they couldn’t get passed the Astros in a best of seven match-up. What does it say when the team wins 100 games in the regular season, but can’t finish in the post-season? It means that the team isn’t built for the short haul. Short haul means three hurlers who are going to go to the Hall of Fame. The Cardinals have one. Maybe. The Cardinals need lots of things this off season, but Hall of Fame pitching has got to be right up there with a new right fielder and third baseman.

The Cardinals are good, but pitching continues to be a problem. Walker is done. Rolen has been hurt the last two post-seasons. Isringhausen scares me every time he goes for the save. I think it’s time for some new blood. I have no idea who’s out there in free agency land or even who’s down on the farm ready to be called up, but they need to retool this team for the short haul if they are ever going to win big in the post-season.

I don’t want the Cardinals to become the Atlanta Braves – good enough to make the playoffs nearly every year, but not quite good enough to go all the way. I want a World Series.

By the way, Cub fans… next year isn’t your year either so shut up about it.