Dee for 34

Look up in the sky… it’s a three-pointer… it’s an orange blur… it’s Dee Brown!

It’s not very often that a player, in any sport, puts the team on his or her back and just takes over. Dee Brown last night took over the Illini and put on the most amazing performance I’ve ever seen at Assembly Hall.

I was reminded of why I fell in love with Illinois basketball. I was reminded of that picture from The News-Gazette, when a hint of a Superman shield could be seen. I was reminded of Michael Jordan, when everything he put up, just fell through the basket.

Not that I think I can compare Brown to Jordan every night, but last night he stepped up into the big leagues.

Tom Izzo, coach of Michigan State, said it best, “I think it was one of the most incredible performances I’ve seen.”

The question now is how far can Illinois go? How long will they remain unbeaten?