Red Bull + Vodka = Crazy Delicious

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been as drunk as I was last night.

I was out with my friends at Tommy Gs here in Champaign watching The Lost Boys tear it up. I had a designated driver, so the normal responsible guy I usually am went out the window. After four Vodka and Red Bull’s, I was buzzing pretty hard. After six, I was seeing double and my friends were having to direct me to the door at the end of the night.

This morning I had a tremendous headache and the absolute worst taste in my mouth. My girlfriend called me at 10am and woke me up. She could hear the hangover in my voice and thankfully let me go back to sleep. I finally rolled out of bed at noon, put on my robe and watched some Tivo. I then flipped over the the Steelers-Colts game and watched Indianapolis almost come back and now I’m watching the Bears-Panthers as I type this.

I’m not dressed. I haven’t taken a shower. I heated up some sausage for… brunch, I guess. I just took some meds for my head. Bleh.

Well, I did have a good time last night…

UPDATE: It was the Bears-Panthers, not Bears-Seahawks as I wrote earlier. Too bad Bears fans…