15 Comics

I’m going to geek out here. Feel free to move along. I’m taking up the challenge put forth by Jake at Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge. Basically, I’m the grand Poo-Baa of the comic industry, but I can only have 15 comics published each month due to some nebulous paper shortage “MacGuffin.”

Here are my books, teams and explanations:

1. Action Comics
w-Alan Moore/a- Jim Lee
This is the Superman title. My dream creative team. The book would read and look incredible.

2. Detective Comics
w-Greg Rucka/a- Tom Raney
This is the Batman title. Very tempted to put Paul Dini here as writer, but I decided against it. I love Raney.

3. The Brave and the Bold
Team-ups of all shapes and sizes. You had a great Superman/Batman story? This is where it goes. Birds of Prey? Find them here. Each issue would be a stand alone.

4. Justice League of America
w-Geoff Johns/a- Phil Jimenez
The direction would be similar to Justice League Unlimited with a massive cast available. Alex Ross would do the covers.

5. Adventure Comics
You want a Sgt. Rock story? It goes here. You want a Challengers of the Unknown story? It goes here. You want a Checkmate story? It goes here. This is basically the forum for non-superhero stories.

6. The Amazing Spider-Man
w-Brian Bendis/a-Mark Bagley
By far the most modern and accessible take on Peter Parker.

7. The Uncanny X-Men
w-Grant Morrison/a-Ian Churchill
While I really like Grant’s take on JLA, I think he needs the weirdness that can only happen here. Ian is ready to break out.

8. Tales to Astonish
This is the catch-all book for creators to utilize the entire massive Marvel Universe. Each tale has to be single issue length.

9. The Ultimate Avengers
w-Kurt Busiek/a-George Perez
Missing Captain America, Iron Man and Thor? Here they are. Spider-Man and Wolverine? Not so much. I would combine elements from Avengers, New Avengers and the Ultimates to form a new everything under the Ultimate Avengers title.

10. The Fantastic Four
w-Mark Waid/a-Barry Kitson
Waid and Kitson together are gold. I love Waid’s take on the team dynamics.

11. Powers
w-Brian Bendis/a-Michael Oeming
We need a cool superhero crime book and this one is the best.

12. Ex Machina
w-Brian K. Vaughn/a-Tony Harris
We need a superhero in the real world book and this one is the best

13. Astro City
w-Kurt Busiek/a-Gary Frank
A love letter to the silver age of storytelling with modern sensibilities. I’d love to see Gary Frank’s take on Busiek’s characters.

14. Planetary
w-Warren Ellis/a-John Cassaday
We need someone to look behind the curtains and expose the soft underbelly of superheroes. This is that book.

15. Danger Girl
w-J. Scott Campbell/a-J. Scott Campbell
There’s got to be one flat out fun and sexy book and I’d rather have Danger Girl than, say, Birds of Prey.

Quite by accident it ended up being five DC books, five Marvel books and five non-DC/Marvel books. On the other hand, it was a conscience decision to only have Superman, Batman and Spider-man solo titles. The reason being that these three superheroes are the most well-known and will easily continue to sell copies on a monthly basis.

I had to leave off a ton of quality creators such as Peter David, Joss Whedon, the Kubrick brothers, Michael Turner and various titles that I would have added if the number was 20 (Fables, Legion of Super Heroes, Teen Titans, Power Pack and Queen and Country).

If these were the only 15 books that came out a month, I would be hard pressed not to want to purchase all of them. As it stands now, my love for the genre is moving away from monthly titles and towards buying trade collections, but good stuff all around.

But that’s a different story.