Something’s fishy…

Everyday I’m more and more concerned for my country. More and more I feel that the pseudonym of “Hand Puppet” seems accurate. I can’t tell if George W. Bush is bored, tired or simply disinterested with the Presidency. Why am I confused? Recently, he told a German newspaper that his best moment in five years of office was catching a fish.

I’m not kidding.

George W. Bush is a shallow, self-absorbed, figurehead, idiot. Early in his Presidency, I thought the man was smart enough to know that he wasn’t all that smart and surrounded himself with people who were much smarter than him; people I admired such as General Colin Powell as Secretary of State. I thought that this man knows his shortcomings and will lead by getting the best information possible by surrounding himself with smart, good people.

I was wrong.

He certainly doesn’t lead and I’m not entirely convinced he’s really our leader in the first place. He’s a puppet in front of the cameras. The figurehead leader. Someone, probably Cheney, is pulling the strings. He isn’t the “Deceider,” he’s the “Divider,” the “Photo-Oper,” the “Dumber.” I have this image of Cheney behind the curtain, while the figurehead opens his mouth and gibberish comes out.

When given the opportunity to express and sell the American outlook for the world to a large segment of the world’s population who don’t particularly like our outlook for the world, he answers in a glib, good ‘ol boy style which probably went over about as well as if he had said Hitler was a role model. His answer might have made a NASCAR fan happy, but I can think of few others who would be overjoyed at such a comment.

I heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio yesterday express his belief that Republicans have little to fear in the 2006 elections. The past elections were used as an indicator of future performance, which isn’t a bad thought. I admire his gumption. However, I’m pretty sure old Oxycontin-head is dead wrong. I think Republicans have plenty to worry about.

If Democrats simply push “Impeachment Power” as the platform, I think more and more Republicans will want to distance themselves from the President and more and more Democrats and independents will vote Democrat. I’m firmly convinced that if the Democrats win in November of 2006, impeachment proceedings happen in February of 2007.

What might be interesting to see unfold will be what the ramifications are regarding Scooter and the Vice President. Since Scooter shifted blame up the ladder to the VP, who then supposedly sent it up to the President, then somebody is going to look bad. My guess is that it can’t be Bush. He has to stay the figurehead. So, I expect as soon as an indictment comes down against Cheney he will resign as VP to protect the President.

Now, the Republican party can name a VP who would be the de facto front runner for the next presidential election. The field won’t be wide open then. It gives the Republicans plenty of opportunity to step up out of the abysmal poll number of Bush and start fresh with a fresh message. This scenario is what I would fear if I was the Democratic National Chairman.

After the bitterness of the last election, President Bush had a real opportunity to unite the country. Unfortunately, any good will he had after September 11, has been pissed away. From cronyism with Katrina to ridiculous Supreme Court nominees to not finding Osama bin Laden. It’s over. He’s done.

It can’t happen soon enough.