United 93 is fiction

There’s this new movie, United 93. You may have heard of it. You might even have seen it. I guess it’s having quite an impact. Is it too soon? What will those overly sensitive New Yorkers think?

Of course, the one thing everyone needs to remember is that it’s fiction. Just as surely as The Da Vinci Code is made up. It may be based on a real event, but what the passengers go through, how they act and pretty much everything other than the central point where the plane goes down is fiction. That means it’s probably not true. Jack and Rose really didn’t go down with the Titanic. The Titanic really went down, but the rest of that movie was FICTION.

No one, I mean NO ONE, knows what exactly happened on 9/11 on United flight 93. Could there have been an uprising of passengers who had already heard about the World Trade Center? Sure. It’s the Hollywood story and it’s so pervasive that I doubt anyone could successfully hijack a US plane with boxcutters anymore.

There’s also that story regarding other planes in the vicinity of 93 and whether or not they shot the plane down. Some eyewitness accounts say there was an explosion before the plane hit the ground. The story isn’t nearly so “sexy” and it sure paints the Air Force into the odd corner of probably saving thousands of lives versus those on the plane.

In any case, believe what you want to believe. I’m sure Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch will tell you otherwise.