Absolute New Frontier

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and now the wait will soon be over. DC Comics have decided to create an Absolute version of Darwyn Cooke’s 2004 miniseries.

Most of the time I’m a wait for the trade kinda guy. The price point per issue was high and so I waited. I wanted a single collection of the entire miniseries. What I got were two trades. It’s a marketing decision not to collect the story as one volume. I think it’s a crock of shite, but what do I know I only read comics and work in marketing…

In any case, finally DC will collect the miniseries in a wonderful, oversized edition complete with extras. The 464-page Absolute edition, which is set for October release, will include all six issues, plus a pin-up gallery and deleted story pages. It retails for $75.

I had vowed that Absolute Watchmen and JLA/Avengers would be the only oversized hardcovers I was ever going to buy. I’m breaking that vow.