Ankle Bone is connected to the Pain Bone…

I’ve hurt my ankle. I do this all the time.

At Wizard World Chicago three weeks ago, I basically stood on concrete for about 24 hours, give or take, over the course of the weekend. Consequently, my left foot was hurting. It was easing up, though, but not before the following weekend when I took my daughter to Kings Island.

At the nearby waterpark, The Beach, we were jumping off of a ten-foot platform into ten feet of water. It was loads of fun. The second time I did this, I tried pushing off the bottom to get to the surface and missed. Of course, I hyper-extended my right foot. It wasn’t horrible, and I could walk without much trouble, but I certainly couldn’t run. Luckily, if you run at a waterpark, the lifeguards yell at you.

The next day we walked around Kings Island, riding rides and enjoying the park. The day after that, we went to another water park, and I walked around having fun. My left ankle wasn’t hurting so much anymore, but my right one was getting progressively worse.

All last week, I put ice on it at night and used a brace during the day. I could walk fairly normally, but I was definitely putting my weight on the side of my foot. This past weekend I went to see my girlfriend, and we did a little shopping at the mall, all the time I was walking with my weight on the side of my foot. Over the course of the afternoon, my right foot hurt, but it wasn’t unbearable.

Unfortunately, when I came back home that night, I got out of my car and experienced a ton of pain in my right foot near the ball of my ankle. The hyper-extension finally eased up yesterday, but now I have a new pain in my ankle because I was walking incorrectly.

I have had very little swelling, just pain. It’s worse in the morning and eases during the day. I’ve taken Advil, Tylenol, and Aleve to dull the pain without much success. I’ve wrapped my ankle with a sturdy brace, but it still hurts. I’ve wrapped my ankle in a softer brace with more compression, and I think that works better.

My medical degree is lost in the mail, but I’m pretty sure I just keep spraining it over and over again. I don’t really want to use crutches, but someday I’ll probably break down and buy some.

If it isn’t my ankle hurting, it’s my knee. I can simply look at my ankle or knee with a twisted look, and it will turn. The last time my knee hurt, I went through all the motions with my doctor and got an X-Ray done and everything. Guess what… nothing changed.

I blame it all on my eight years of running cross country. It’s funny, in my first race as a freshman in high school, I tripped and twisted my ankle. In my last race as a senior in college, I tripped and twisted my ankle. Very poetic.

At least I can still type. I haven’t sprained my wrist in years. Where’s the wood so I can knock on it…