Baseball heaven

I didn’t go back to work yesterday afternoon. Monday, I was fighting a miserable cold and sinus pain. Tuesday morning I was groggy from the meds I took the night before. Plus, I started getting major body aches, which to me meant I might have a touch of the flu and I certainly didn’t want to bring that into the office.

I came home, made a sandwich, took off my tie and shirt, kicked my shoes off and promptly crashed on my sofa for the next two or so hours. I woke up close to three in the afternoon in a wet pool of my own sweat. It was 82 degrees in my apartment even with the fans running.

I slowly got up and realized that I felt a 100 times better. If I had a fever, it certainly broke during my sleepy time. I changed out of my sweaty clothes into some shorts and a t-shirt and flipped on the TV just in time to see the start of the Cardinals vs. Padres game.

I’m a Cardinals fan, but I had not watched a full baseball game from start to finish all year. As I sat and watched the game, still resting, I was struck by how much I enjoy baseball. Two teams putting their best pitchers out there. The competition between pitcher and batter. I watched the game with the sound low most of the time and enjoyed it even more. In fact, the only thing that might have made it better would be watching the game with my Dad and brother. Next to those two, I’m a mental midget regarding baseball.

In any case, the good guys in red won. El Hombre made the Padres pay and the rest of the redbirds just followed suit. The Cardinals might have stumbled, bumbled and rumbled to their third straight Central Division title, but all that was in the past. Post Season play means everyone is even. Everyone gets a clean slate. The goal is always to make the playoffs because after that anything can happen.

The Cards aren’t supposed to win. I think Tony’s boys have something to say about that. Of course, it all remains to be seen. But that’s the fun isn’t it?