The People have spoken

The people have spoken. Democrats have won back the House in a decisive victory and are two seats away from winning the Senate.

The people have spoken. Attempts to ban gay marriage and abortion were voted down and stem cell research will be going forward.

The people have spoken. This election is directly relate to the policies of George W. Bush and the war in Iraq. Anything else is just smoke and mirrors. The American public is tired of the lying and manipulations of BushCo and any change is cause for celebration.

Earlier in the week I was berated for my lack of voting in the 2004 elections and rightly so. Of course, I brought it up in the post to illustrate the point that I was wrong and whatever excuse I present is still patently “lame.” You should vote. It is your right. I was wrong in not voting in the last election.

However, I was never a hardcore political partisan until BushCo took office. I usually vote Democrat because I had trouble with many of the policies of Republicans. Not all of them, mind you, just most. I’m much more willing to ignore the elephant or the donkey and vote for anyone who makes sense when they speak and I agree with philosophically. I also started paying a lot closer attention to what was happening on Capitol Hill, probably a natural progression as I grew older.

We no longer have one-party rule in Washington. The President, our “decider,” has two choices. Work with the Democrats or fight them tooth and nail and blame the inevitable gridlock on the Dems in the hopes the American public will blame the blueboys and put the reds back into power in 2008. I’m pretty sure he will close ranks. Bipartisanship is a dirty word in this White House.

In any event, the people have spoken. It remains to be seen what happens next.

My favorite quote of the moment from Warren Ellis:

“I am, however, still holding out for Arnold Schwartzenegger to fight Jesse Ventura for the Presidency in 2008. With the Star Trek fight music and everything.”