Drummers Do It in Rhythm

I got an electronic drum set for Christmas. It’s so cool.

The set came with everything I’d ever wanted as a 15-year old kid grooving to the drum beats of Tommy Lee – snare, three toms, a bass drum and pedal, ride cymbal, crash cymbal and hi-hat. I even have a throne and two drumsticks.

I was never a good drummer, but goofing around on this takes me back to those by-gone days of much longer (and more) hair, much skinnier frame and 80s hair metal screaming on my “boom box.” Back then it was our obligation to share our musical tastes with the environment. iPods were science fiction.

Of course, my parents would never have bought me a real drum set. The racket and the expense wasn’t something they were interested in enduring and who could blame them? So, I was relegated to playing air drums in an air band. Yes, I was an air drummer in a pretend rock and roll band.

When I was a sophomore in high school a few friends of mine decided it would be loads of fun to form an air band to perform at the Junior Variety Show. Van Halen’s Jump was at the peak of its success and we decided to “perform” that song. Looking back it was such innocent and tongue-in-cheek fun. I mean our lead singer “played” the keyboard part on a Casio keyboard no bigger than your average computer keyboard. We named our band A/ME/BA… the All Metal Earthshaking Bitching Airband. The slashes were just decoration, just like the umlauts in Mötley Crüe.

The show was a huge hit and the next year I graduated to air guitar and we played the one-hit wonder, “Turn up the Radio” by Autograph. It did have a cool solo that I “played.” The air band was so popular we were booked at a grade school dance and some other school assembly. We “played” during a free period before the next JV show. It was the closest thing to actually being in a band without having to actually learn how to play.

At the same time, my two best friends were learning guitar and bass. Jimmy Garrett still plays bass at his church. I have no idea what happened to Tony Wallace and his guitar playing, but I know I never was able to become the drummer I’d always wanted to be.

Until now!

Watch out world… my 30-minute drum solo begins NOW!! Boom! Crash! Boom-Boom!