iDon’t want an iPhone

Everybody is going ga-ga over the new iPhone.

It looks amazing. The list of features is incredible from a 2 megapixel camera, 8GB hard drive, full integration with OS X, touchscreen, WiFi – all in a package thinner than any smart phone out there. For many it’s a dream phone.

Not me.

It really isn’t a phone, its more like a MacBook Nano and at $600 it had better do more than take my calls. It’s a typical Apple first generation product – a high-end piece of amazing gadgetry that all the geeks and jumpers-on have to have.

Not me.

What I do want, and I imagine I will get it by third quarter 2007 or sooner, is a widescreen iPod video with decent battery life. I don’t need a crackberry or a Q or a T or whatever the crazies who have to check their email every five minutes need. I can’t afford high-speed internet for my phone and frankly I don’t think I want it. My phone needs to be able to be used as a phone. I don’t really need a camera, but one’s going to be on it. I don’t need downloadable games, but hey they are kinda fun. I would like to use mp3s as my ringtones and can it be cool without all the extra?

Internet on a small screen looks like shite. Movies on that small screen look like shite. I don’t want shite.

I want to be able to upload widescreen movies and regular old mp3s to my widescreen, touchscreen iPod. I want it to cost about $300 for a 30G version. I want it now, but I’ll wait until June.

Still the iPhone is pretty… too bad it’s a Cingular exclusive product, but for how long?