Snowblind, Pt 2

I’m home again from work because of this blizzard going on outside.

They shut down the University of Illinois for two days in a row. The last time the UI shut down for a day was 1979. Believe me the weather outside is frightful, but my indoor heat is delightful.

Although, that didn’t stop the blowing snow from entering my apartment. Yes, this morning as I was walking around in my socks and boxer briefs (the girls dig it…) I noticed snow in my apartment. You see, I have a non-working window air-conditioner under the windows in my living room. I now have central air and heat, but that wasn’t the case until this past summer.

Anyway, being that I was in my socks and boxer briefs (natch) I noticed the cold air seeping into my apartment from beneath the non-working hotel room-like air-conditioning unit. Moving closer I noted that snow, actual pure white snow, had accumulated in the nook between my inside wall and the fucking non-working hotel room-like air-conditioning unit.

I should have taken a picture, but I didn’t.

What I did do was start stuffing the crappiest towels I own in and around the bottom of the mother-fucking non-working hotel room-like air-conditioning unit to try and stop the bleeding.

A few hours have passed now and I can honestly say that it just might have worked. Did I mention that I hate winter…