Upside down you’re turning me

My life is a roller coaster.

One minute I’m elated, the next I’m down in the dumps. I think I’ve got something good coming my way and the next I’m scrounging to make ends meat.

For some strange reason, I didn’t get a teaching gig this summer. I simply wasn’t on the schedule. Now, I sent an email and asked why not and if there was space for me anyway. I was told I hadn’t sent in a teaching preference form and so I was left off. I did get a class in the fall, so maybe that’s true. In any event, I thought I was screwed.

I put my mind to it and asked a full-time professor if arrangements could be made for me to take over one of his hybrid classes. He’s teaching all three of them, mind you, and I figured there’s no way he wanted that big a load.

I asked politely and he responded kindly in the affirmative back. He switched around his schedule and let me have a class. “Yippee,” I said out loud and without too much shame. I was going to have money for my trip to Chicago and for a trip my daughter and I could take together this summer. I was happy… for four weeks.

Today, I receive an email from the full-time prof who regrets to inform me that he can’t let me have his hybrid class because he needs the flexibility so he can concentrate on his doctorate work.


So, now I’m back to square one hoping I can get a class. Begging in the nicest way possible for the “powers that be” to add another hybrid or regular class and send it my way.

Why do I keep reaching for things and not quite getting a hold of them?