You say its your birthday…

Just like Admiral Kirk from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan… I feel old.

On his birthday, Kirk received a book from Spock and glasses from McCoy. It’s quite amusing that I’m getting new glasses and most likely a book on my birthday as well. Although, I’m sure it won’t be A Tale of Two Cities. However, I won’t need a Genesis cave to “feel young as if the world was new” come the weekend. Just the music of my youth.

My birthday, as you may have surmised, is today and I’ve a party to attend to tonight. My former co-workers are throwing a going away/birthday party and I expect I’ll be out late. Friday night I visit my family for another birthday celebration. Saturday, I head to Chicago to party with my friends at the Foreigner-Styx-Def Leppard concert.

So, things seemingly are going swimmingly. I’m sure something will fuck it all up.