Trapped in the closet

I was looking for some old VHS movies that I was going to give to a friend of mine. I have them in one of those great Rubbermaid plastic bins.

As I was looking through my closet, it became abundantly clear to me that I really needed to clean the place out. In fact, I need to clean out all three of my closets.

One is overflowing with comics boxes. Alas, those are staying. However, the VHS tapes? They really need to find a new home. And my cassette tapes – I guess I’ll keep them.

I have banker’s boxes of undergrad and grad school papers and research. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at it. I have at least two more boxes full of press clippings and other material from my high school and college sports days. I really ought to put them in some sort of binder.

I have three shoe boxes full of letters. I have water containers because I thought they would be cool in my fridge. I was wrong.

I have a ton of clothes that really need to be dropped off at Good Will. I have no idea why I have my graduation robes. I have coats I’ll never wear again and hats I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing (Why did I want that Chinese character St. Louis Cardinals hat?).

I have boxes for most of my electronics. I’m not sure if I should keep these or not. I found a Planet Hollywood box with a glass cup of some sort in it. My old Tivo that I’m not sure if it works anymore is stuffed in closet. I have shoe boxes full of cables. I found a hockey-puck Apple mouse.

I have toys and games that my 12 year old would never play with again and I really ought to box it up and send it to my brother.

There’s a plastic rolling junk drawer that I really need to get rid of. I found a crappy end table I had completely forgot about in my closet.

I really should try and sell some of this crap.