Science Versus Faith

I’m watching The Day the Earth Stood Still. I had never actually seen the movie, although the imagery is well-documented. It’s such a movie of its time period. Paranoia running rampant… stranger in a strange land…

Early in the movie, there’s a line that goes something like, “it isn’t faith that makes good science, but curiosity.”

Curiosity is what makes the world worth living. Wanting to know the hows and the whys of something, anything, is a worthwhile endeavor. Although something could be said for just wanting something that works.

I’m not someone who has much faith. I guess as a writer, I can see that all of the religious, mythical parables are simply stories. Sometimes really good stories with good messages and words to live by, but simply stories nonetheless. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially if you view it as such. When you start talking about the “one true religion” nonsense, I get defensive and usually leave the room.

I’m not religious in the least. I don’t care about it. I figured out the scam early on by applying some basic logic and asking questions. I went off to college, a religious-affiliated college even, and never went back to church. Oh sure, I’d go back for weddings and sometimes Easter and Christmas. But it was all pomp and circumstance. There might have been a good word here or there… a message of hope and peace. But I can walk into any Hallmark store and get that same message… probably written a lot better too.

Still, I wish science would prevail. I wish the smart people would take over from the ignorant. We have a president in office who doesn’t understand the power of one particular religious zealot because he himself is a religious zealot.

I don’t want a religious zealot running my country, mostly because zealots tend not to see others’ points of view. Their minds are not open. I don’t need a close-minded, socially and religiously ignorant man in charge.

Bear in mind that I don’t have a problem with someone who is religious and spiritual. However, those things must be personal. They must only be internal. The moment they become external, you lose perspective. The moment you use faith instead of reason, everyone loses.