All by myself

I had an eventful weekend where I decided very late to go to the Illinois football game by myself and ended up in Steak and Shake at 2 am with my old next door neighbor after a night of drinking.

At the game, I find my seat and I’ve never been closer to the action. It was slightly awesome. I ended up chatting with a Penn State fan and had a great time made even better because Illinois won. The downside was that I burnt half my face. I look like Richard Dryfus in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It doesn’t hurt, but its kind of annoying.

After the game, I came home and crashed on the sofa in preparation for partying down in Effingham.

I roll into Effingham to watch my friend’s band. I like what they play and I thought the chance of me meeting someone cool might happen. As it turned out, I ran into several cool people just not any single girls.

When I was growing up my next door neighbors were Jeff, Sara and Clay Stevenson. Jeff is a year older, Sara’s my age and Clay is my brother’s age. Jeff and I used to play together all the time. We’d play basketball, football, ride our bikes, play “chase” and we’d fight like brothers. He used to always beat the snot out of me on those occasions. Today, he just beats my teeth up as my dentist.

Rolling into this outdoor event, I run smack into Jeff and his wife outside. It was pretty cool. Jeff bought me drinks and we hung out and talked about the Illinois football game earlier. I was having a great time.

As the band played I started seeing other people I knew from my slightly crazy days in Effingham. I hung out with Ken for a bit and he informed me that Hair of the Dog is reforming, which sounded great. I didn’t see Bobby’s wife, who happens to be one of my ex-girlfriends.

As always, there were a ton of girls around. I can’t tell if I’m just too old, too ugly or what. I never get much of a second glance from anyone at these shows and it just kinda makes me feel like I’ve lost my mojo. It also makes me long for the two and a half hours away girl.

By the end of the night, I met Russ’s new girlfriend and a slightly drunk Jeff took us all out for breakfast at Steak and Shake at two in the morning. Feeling like I had quite the full day, I headed home and slept until 11 am on Sunday.

Of course, I had to work from 12:30 until about 7 on Sunday. Blech.