The Real Me

1. People always think I’m younger than I am.
2. I look way better with a van dyke and really short hair than I ever did with long, curly hair and no beard.
3. I love my family.
4. My day is not complete without checking my email about 20 times.
5. I like a little coffee with my Splenda.
6. I never thought I wanted kids, but my daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me
7. I wish I could live in Santa Monica.
8. I wish my friends lived closer or vice versa
9. I think I’ve decided that I really don’t like snow
10. There are days when I don’t turn on my TV, but they are rare.
11. I wish my friends would email me more about their lives
12. I don’t buy chips or cookies because I will immediately eat the entire bag/package
13. I could probably live on boxed chicken my entire life.
14. Not having hair is a blessing most of the time
15. I try very hard not to judge people.
16. I am the last great guy alive…who’s single
17. I love the sound of my voice
18. Writing every day is something I aspire to do
19. I’ve met a lot of wonderful amazing people, but no one knows me better than Becky
20. I’m not a big beer drinker, but I like a Sam Adams now and then
21. My phone constantly makes me feel like I’m living in a Star Trek world
22. Interior design is something I’m getting into.
23. I never blog about work. Usually.
24. I wish my parents would have made me learn a musical instrument.
25. Even though I don’t look like Brad Pitt, I like being naked.
26. Sleeping is the best reward
27. Not having grown up with any pets does not make me want a pet
28. I hate Microsoft products
29. I’m interested in having a threesome, but I imagine it would turn out badly
30. I love students who want to learn and be better.
31. I hate bad drivers. Sometimes I’m a bad driver.
32. I’ve thought about leaving everything behind and just starting over someplace new
33. This journal is the best therapy
34. I had a wonderful childhood
35. Passion is something I’m not lacking
36. I am easily manipulated by a combination of good dialogue, images and the right music
37. I want to be a college professor more than anything.
38. I am not a liar, but I don’t always tell the truth
39. I believe religion is man-made and religious zealots are the scariest people alive.
40. My life would have been very different if I had not gotten married
41. I wrote stories all my life, but I only think I’ve put together maybe four really good ones
42. I wear my heart on my sleeve
43. Drugs scare the shit out of me
44. Even when I teach confidence, I sometimes don’t have much of it
45. Suicide is the coward’s way out
46. I don’t know a single one of my neighbors.
47. My parents are a perfect example of Ying and Yang
48. My bathtub is too small.
49. I rarely enjoy any mainstream comedy movies
50. My skin is pretty white. I’ve only had one really good tan in my life and it lasted three days
51. I miss my college friends
52. I don’t own any white underwear anymore
53. I love my MacBook
54. I don’t understand how massive dick-heads get amazing girls
55. Sex is very important to me.
56. I wish I was with a girl who liked sex as much as me.
57. When I was in college, I went through a phase where I thought Shakespeare was the shit
58. I used to have music on all the time in my bathroom when I took showers and got ready in the morning. I think I’ll revisit that.
59. I’d like to move to a better apartment, but I’m lazy and cheap
60. I have been really mean to some of my girlfriends
61. If I will tell you I will call you, I usually do.
62. I love the feeling of finishing a good book and wanting more
63. Bad days at work make me paranoid I’m going to lose my job
64. I love going to the mall and just window shop
65. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished… I just wish it was more
66. Girls who talk dirty are the best
67. I love the fact that my car is paid off
68. I was never really political until George W. Bush
69. After having so many lousy bosses, I’m enjoying my current one.
70. I don’t remember my dreams
71. My last girlfriend loved me touching her at all times.
72. I hate cleaning
73. I only have four pairs of shoes: running shoes, cross trainers, Sketchers and dress shoes
74. I would sell out in a heartbeat
75. I hate parties when I don’t know anyone
76. I haven’t parallel parked since I was 15.
77. I like driving, but I wish I could get where I was going faster
78. When I’m rich, I’ll have a huge four head shower with a bench, so I can sit and think
79. I don’t buy apple sauce because I open it immediately and eat the entire jar
80. Everything I learned about being a Dad I learned from my Dad
81. I drive a Saturn because I was on a kick about having an American car. I don’t have that hang up anymore
82. The first record I ever bought with my own money was KISS Love Gun.
83. I don’t want to be a famous blogger.
84. I am not a fan of people who do drugs and think nothing of it
85. I have never turned down sex. There are many times when I should have.
86. The carpeting in my apartment is horrible
87. I wish my life was more interesting.
88. Every time I had sex in my car I’ve regretted it. Except once.
89. I rarely eat breakfast.
91. My first serious girlfriend cheated on me.
92. If I could relive my childhood, the only thing I would change is not playing football on New Year’s Eve in 1975.
94. I can’t imagine being a girl.
95. Time flies very fast for me. I wish I could slow things down.
96. I like to blow my nose in the shower.
97. Someday I will get rid of all the extraneous stuff in my life.
98. I feel like I have so much more to do.
99. I wish I could dance better than I do.
100. I think I need to sleep more.