Suck my kiss

I bought KISS Alive! for a quarter.

This thought comes into my mind for no apparent reason. I wasn’t listening to KISS. I hadn’t thought about the garage sale where I acquired the album in decades. Still to this day, I love KISS Alive! and think its one of the greatest live records ever recorded even if the producer added crowd noise from an old Super Bowl.

During that magical time when summer seemed to last forever, the neighborhood kids would get together and play records. It’s where I heard Queen’s The Game, The Beatles’ Revolver and Rubber Soul, the Grease Soundtrack and my contribution, The Monkees Greatest Hits and KISS Alive!

It was on one of these occasions that I found myself with a handful of LPs walking next door to add them to the growing list of music. However, just as soon as I stepped on to concrete, one of the precious vinyl records slipped out of its sleeve and hit the pavement on its edge.

The result was a quarter-sized hole obscuring the first couple of tracks of both sides of the album. I was devastated.

I remember the years listening to the album by trying to lay the needle on the record at the closest point to the hole. I think I may have ruined a few needles as I layed it too close and it slid off.

It was easily a decade or two before I reacquired Alive! This time as a two-disc CD set. It was nice not have to eyeball the needle to the vinyl.

Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I bought it for a buck at a used CD store.

Rawk un rawl all nite and partayyy evrydayyyyy, indeed.