Drift Away

There’s a chill in the air.

I’ve finally broke out my collection of non-Bill Cosby neon bright sweaters out of their plastic bins and sadly I’ve turned on the heat in my apartment. It’s the time of year when I like to kick back at Casa del Sean with a roaring fire (if I had a fireplace), snuggle with my significant other (if I had a significant other) and drink something warm and soothing. I at least can make myself a new drink.

Basically I take hot apple cider, mix in a table spoon of brown sugar and a half a tablespoon of butter and I have a steaming cup of goodness. Plus, its caffeine free so its awesome to drink at night.

I usually just use an apple cider drink mix (Alpine is great) instead of actual cider, but I bet it would be better with the real thing. I just heat it all up in the microwave and in three minutes the blowing wind, dropping temperatures and thousands of worries drift away like a loose leaf carried by the autumn zephyr.