Songs in the key of life

I lost my keys. I bet everyone has experienced that sinking feeling. At least I knew my lost keys were in a singular location. Lost, per se, but lost in a set place.

Let me back up.

Saturday was Halloween at the Y, an annual event for kids to have fun in a safe environment. We had a ton of candy, games and other cool stuff. This year we had performers from Cirque du Soleil entertaining the crowd. It was fabulous.

Of course, to get this fabulous production I had to get the place prepared. Several hours before the event started, my co-workers and I were unloading $299 worth of candy, moving bleachers, decorating, getting the sound system ready and more.

I took one small moment of play in the middle of the morning. I jumped on the trampoline and into a six foot pit filled with foam cubes. It was a lot of fun. As I landed in the pit my hand reached for my cell phone in my pocket. I was waiting for a call from the Cirque du Soleil tour manager and I made sure it was still there as I rolled around the foam pit and pulled myself out.

A couple of hours later, I was planning on heading home for a quick bite to eat before the big push later in the day. I got my coat and realized my keys were gone. I searched high and low. I upturned every room I was in. They were gone.

I still had plenty of work to do to get ready, so I went back to work. Eventually, everything was about as ready as it was every going to be. Parents, with their little ones all dressed up, started arriving. The Cirque performers showed up and wowed everyone.

When it was all over, all the candy was gone and everyone seemed to have had a wonderful time. At about 9 pm I told everyone to go home and I’d finish up the cleaning and straightening. Of course, thirty minutes later I realized I didn’t have my keys and couldn’t close anything and had to call a co-worker to come back. I felt bad.

Sunday I decided to drag my butt back over to the Y building and look for my keys. No luck. I told the gymnastics coach that I may have lost them in the pit. He just rolled his eyes and said maybe they could look on Monday.

Monday rolled around I asked the day camp kids to go look in the pit since it was the only place I could think where I might have lost my keys. The sheer joy these kids had in being able to jump into the pit and start throwing foam blocks around was fun to watch. Unfortunately, I had other work to do and headed back to my office in the other YMCA building. No sooner had I sat down in my chair, when the phone rang and I was told the keys were found in the pit.

I bought a $5 gift card to McDonald’s for the little tyke and happily snagged my keys.

The moral of the story is simple: Don’t go jumping into strange holes. Who knows what you might lose?