Send in the Clowns

The YMCA Annual Dinner went smoothly with barely a bump or two in the road. We had some mistakes with food and place settings, but nothing outrageous and easily handled.

I was a basketcase about two hours before because we couldn’t get into the room, but I was assured by the people I had in place that all was well. And it was.

One of the more dumb things I’ve ever done was invite a date to the event. I asked a girl I had been chatting with to come with me to the event as a pseudo-first date. Probably a mistake. She had a good time and chatted with several people she knew, but I couldn’t really hold a long conversation with her because I was too busy trying to make sure everything flowed. And it did.

My stress level subsided, but I still have things to improve. It will be better the next year.

After all that stress, I needed something to relax. My daughter and I decided to go to the Cirque du Soleil show Friday night and I’m glad I did. It was nothing short of magical.

From the clowns at the beginning to the amazing cyclist to the unbelievable juggler to the Chinese acrobats to the balancing acts to the Russian swing to the trapeze artists to the bungee cord dancers, it was a sight full of color, music and things I’ve never seen before.

My daughter was in awe. Me too.

We met a very friendly merchandise hawker who sold us a program and informed us of a larger merchandise spot on the lower level. My kiddo wanted a shirt so I bought her one and she proudly wore it.

On the short drive back home, she crashed out still clutching the program and shirt in one hand.

Something tells me some new Cirque du Soleil DVDs might appear in her stocking.