I Drink Alone

My daughter has invented a new drink. She’s decided to call it “Chrite.” Sorta like Trite, but with a “Ch” sound instead of a “Tr” sound. When we were out doing some quick shopping, we got some Sprite and Cherry Coke Zero for the express purpose of making some Chrite.

It’s easy to make. You mix Cherry Coke Zero and Sprite in equal parts. The lemon-lime combined with the cherry makes for an interesting fruity cola taste. You keep the traditional cola, but with the added flavoring.

It reminds me of the “Arnold Palmer” which, if you don’t know, is equal parts iced tea and lemonade. You get the bite of iced tea with the sweetness and fruitiness of lemonade. At Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, we introduced the Arnold Palmer to several family members and friends.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Chrite might make an appearance this holiday.