Do Something

I’m feeling fat and out of shape. So, I am staring a new work out routine this week.

I’m disorganized at work. So, I am reorganizing and prioritizing everything. Again.

I’m feeling lonely. So, I write about past girlfriends and then delete the posts.

I miss my friends. So, I email them and hope we can get together soon.

I miss my family. So, I call my Dad up and vent for two hours about my life and I can hear the smile on his face and the wise words that spring forth.

Life is giving me lemonades right now. Work. Home. It’s all the same (only the naaaames have changed…). I’m looking to turn it all into lemonade, but I can’t find the Splenda.

Depression is sinking in. Can I please experience one small moment to make life just a tiny bit sweeter? A kiss on the cheek… a handshake for a job well-done… a coy glance from an attractive girl…

I’m feeling like a shadow creeping slowly from hour to hour and disappearing when the sun goes down.

I need to do something.