Let the Music Do The Talking

My old 20 gig iPod is on its last legs.

It won’t hold a charge for hardly any significant amount of time. Funny thing, is that I never use it anymore. When I bought my new MacBook, I got a 4 gig iPod nano and have been using it exclusively. It’s nicer with a color screen, color body (mine’s blue) and I generally just like it more.

As I was going through my iPod, I realized I had songs on it that I didn’t have archive on DVD. I’m not sure how that happened. To remedy the situation, I found a program that could take all my iPod mp3s and transfer them to my laptop. It’s called Senuti and it’s fabulous.

Seunti, read my iPod and I picked which songs I needed downloaded. It worked like a charm. It’s perfect for someone who maybe had a system crash and you lost archived mp3s and want to transfer those songs back to your computer.

I’m sure this program could be used as a simple way to download mp3s to “foreign” computers, but that’s not what I’m using it for. If you own a Mac and an iPod, I highly recommend downloading this program.

Happy listening!