It’s Christmas time all over the world

I have succumbed to the crushing avalanche that is Christmas. I bought my first present and my tree is now up in my living room.

The tree has white lights and a tree skirt and nothing else. I don’t like ornaments on my tree and I definitely don’t like colored lights. I have a few decorations here and there, but nothing crazy. I leave that up to the experts. I just want to remind myself that I have to finish buying presents and wrapping them.

It looks like I might very well be alone on December 25. My family isn’t celebrating it on the date, opting to have the family together the weekend after starting on Thursday. I guess the good thing is that I’ll have the day to wrap all my outstanding presents, catch up on my Tivo and do nothing.

Still, not having someplace to go or somebody to be with seems odd and maybe a little sad.

I’ve nearly always had someplace to go for Christmas. Grandma’s house or my parent’s house. On most of my Christmas Days I’d be traveling to relatives or relatives were coming to my house. Not this year.

The good thing is that I still have places to go… people to see… presents to buy… I’m not really alone over the holidays.

At least I have my Christmas tree to keep me warm.