Everything is coming up roses

From Mark Tupper’s Blog:

The Rose Bowl invitation signals a spectacular turnaround that has brought the Illini from rags to roses. In a rush, Illinois went from being one of the worst teams in college football in 2005, to a competitive team that still finished 2-10 in 2006, to a 9-3 Rose Bowl participant. Amazing.

I mentioned it early on that I thought the Illinois Football team might go to the Rose Bowl, but I was not being serious.This has been a fun team to watch and a frustrating team to watch. I hope Zook has something up his sleeve. I haven’t watched USC, but as I understand it they are fast and have the second best defense in the country.

Having lived in this town for a few years and have attended my share of football and basketball games, I never would have guessed the turnaround from a basketball town to a football town would happen overnight. Perhaps, I shouldn’t be so shocked.

Everybody loves a winner and Illinois football won some football games… finally. Ron Zook has accomplished more than I think he ever hoped in this year. I know next year Illinois will be a top five team in the country.

If they beat USC, a tall order to be sure, then they might be considered the best team in the Big Ten next year. I don’t care how good Ohio State is or is supposed to be.

Anyway, the party will happen right after the hangover ends. It should be a good one.