Hemorrhage (In My Hands)

It’s not fun to watch Illinois Basketball anymore.

The team is really quite terrible. The good thing is that relief is coming in 2009/2010, but that’s just too damn far down the line.

I’m not sure who is at fault. Is it the coaches who were outplayed by a known-cheater and lost arguably the best guard in the country? Is it the players who don’t seem to understand the offense and can’t shoot free throws? Is it the fans who have unrealistic expectations after going to the national championship in 2005?

I remember when we never lost at the Hall. Now the team loses to a mid-major team at the Hall. Look how far the mighty have fallen.

Chester Frazier, you have had a hard life and I feel bad for you. Chet, I think you are a great kid, but you are not a Division 1 point guard. In fact, you’d have trouble making SIU’s squad. Although, I bet you could start for Eastern. I simply can’t stand you on the court.

Brian Randall, you can graduate anytime now. You are consistently inconsistent. You show flashes of brilliance and then show flashes of idiocy. Either play with heart and smarts or ride the bench. I cringe every time you are on the court.

As for the rest of the team, play hard. You aren’t going to win many games, but don’t give up. You aren’t talented, but don’t let that stop you. Surprise somebody. Go on a run. Shoot free throws until you collapse. Actually run the damn offense for once.

Of course, I’m still going to watch a game here or there. If I get it. If I remember its on. Right now though, I think I’ll sit back and dream about how Illinois Football might actually win the Rose Bowl in a few days.