These are the days of our lives

I’m always optimistic about a new year. It’s arbitrary, but some good things have happened to me in January as opposed to November and December. Case in point, my daughter was born in January.

She’s going to be a true teenager in 2008 and the change is amusing and horrifying at the same time. For Christmas I bought her a magnetic marble track. It plays music and the ball bearing/marble does some pretty cool tricks that could only happen with the magnets. This, for all intents and purposes, was a toy. A cool, expensive and slightly “boyish” toy, but a toy nevertheless. She loved it right away.

She’s a builder and she still loves to put her old marble tracks together. I knew she would think it was pretty cool and we promptly put together one of the ten different set configurations. It worked perfectly.

One thing she wanted for her birthday was a purse. She was very particular and I didn’t think I could find exactly what she wanted. We ended up shopping for a bit at Wal-Mart and after going over dozens of different purses, actually found one she liked and it was less than $10. Brand really didn’t matter to her. I guess purse impressions weren’t important yet in middle school. She wanted it to be functional and just the right color and just the right size.

The juxtaposition of little girl playing with a toy and teenager with her purse is hard on a father. One minute she’s all sweet with the “Daddddyyyyyy” and the next it’s an exasperated, “Daaaad.”

Still, I love that twinkle in her eye when she knows she’s done something funny or knows something is up. I miss that all the time.

Have a good year everybody.