We can work it out

There are plenty of things not going right in my life. I won’t get into them, but I have this tremendous feeling of dread. I hate this feeling.

I’ve tried to shake it through friends and family who love me. I ate way too much. I tried to keep the demons away by writing. It’s easy to think the darkness surrounds you and only you. Of course, that’s not true.

My brother had a tough year and I was reminded this past holiday. He was trying to sell his house and build a new house with a new baby and a wife who’s trying to land a full time teaching gig. Lastly, between Thanksgiving and Christmas he learned that he has a hole in his eardrum.

What’s most interesting is that everything worked out. They sold their house and moved into the new one. His wife landed a full time teaching position and his ear drum will heal… eventually.

I can only hope that in 2008 all the things not going well for me right now get resolved. I could use some positive vibes.