Heartache Tonight

Random thoughts:

  • This is the best game Illinois has played all season. The first half is by far the best we’ve played all year. If we make free throws, we win this game. There should have been a foul called on Indiana when Brock took Randle’s miss and put it back up right at the end of the game. The free throws might have tied the game.
  • Worse was the missed intentional foul call. Brock could have been legitimatly hurt.
  • It is no surprise that the team played better without Frasier in the game. I hope the kid is okay, but he doesn’t need to start another game.
  • I avoided watching Indiana basketball because of the Eric Gordon fiasco. He may be a one and done player, but I think he’s soft against a superior defender.
  • DJ White is better than Shawn Pruitt, but I like Shawn’s baby hook.
  • Gordon can also be stopped by getting in front of him and taking the charge.
  • I can’t believe Randle was still in the game at the end. I expected him to foul out in the first half. He should have drove instead of attempting the three at the end of the game. Of course, if he makes it Illinois wins.
  • Gezz, Gordon whines a lot.
  • Great effort, but just another tough loss in the end.
  • I expect we will beat Indiana at home.