Hate is what I am

anathematize • uh-NATH-uh-muh-tyze • verb
: curse, denounce

Over at MCF’s site, he found a meme talking about things to curse, denounce or just plain dislike. I liked it, so I’m “borrowing” it.

In no particular order:

  1. Mondays. I just do.
  2. The culture of celebrity. I tried to get into the whole TMZ, Perez Hilton scene, but I couldn’t. Chris Crocker makes me sick.
  3. Hearing the words, “I need to see you in my office.” They have never, ever lead to something good
  4. Bad drivers.
  5. Smug music fans who think I should like LCD Soundsystem when I’d rather just listen to Kid Rock.
  6. Eric Gordon’s father
  7. People who talk/use cellphone while the movie is playing in the theater
  8. People who don’t think for themselves
  9. People who use religion as a shield/justification for their idiotic behavior
  10. People who don’t read
  11. The Billary Political Machine. I like Bill Clinton, but his rhetoric lately has hurt his wife.
  12. Microsoft products. They mostly suck. Buy Apple
  13. People who live their lives solely through their political rose-colored glasses.
  14. Most reality television. I like American Idol (but only once we get passed the Gong Show portion of the show), Gene Simmons Family Jewels (I’m fascinated by Gene’s life, point of view and his house) and I kinda like the one about Chachi.
  15. Cold showers. Hate them lots.
  16. Icy roads. I dig snow, but I want the roads clear and preferably dry.
  17. Fox for canceling Firefly
  18. Umpires and referees who consistently make bad calls. Against my team.
  19. Bill Watterson ending Calvin and Hobbes. I understand the reasoning, but I wish he would have kept doing it forever.
  20. My bad knee and ankle
  21. Most of the people who post on AICN
  22. Gas prices
  23. The price of ink for my printer
  24. Ignorant terrorists who hate our culture. Shite, put one of them in the middle of the Playboy mansion and they’d forget, “Death to America” in a heartbeat
  25. The nagging feeling I get every once in a while that I’m not that good of a writer.