Strange Brew

Alan Moore is one of the greatest writers of sequential art i.e. comics in the world. I also think he might be batshit crazy.

I’m not sure, but if you watch this documentary titled, The Mindscape of Alan Moore, I think you might come away with the exact same impression.

Early on in the piece, he talks about having a really terrible childhood living in the poorest of the poor neighborhoods of England. The fact that he has remained living in the same poorest of the poor areas confuses me to no end. Still, he comes across rather like the dirty boy who got lucky writing comics.

His trademark long hair and beard makes him look like a British version of Rob Zombie. Add in the rings and the pinky finger metal glove and you’ve got a goth-like personage who shuns his fans and hates all the things derivative of his own works. But then the guy does some voice work for The Simpsons. He’s crazy, I tell you.

I’ve never read his version of Swamp Thing and you probably couldn’t get me to unless there’s a gun to my head. Swamp Thing has never interested me and Marvel’s version, Man-Thing, only makes me laugh when I see comics from the 70s titled, “Giant-Size Man-Thing.” However, I have read many of his other stories with Watchmen generally considered the greatest comic of all time.

Unfortunately, as soon as he starts talking about being a magician I can’t tell if he’s deadly serious, poking fun or is just plain crazy. The documentary makes it seem like Alan believes all of this and I have to admit when he talks about magic being called the arts and then equating art with magic, I took notice.

Perhaps you will take away a new appreciation for the creative genius of Alan Moore. I just think he’s batshit crazy.