American Idiot

This Mike Huckabee person is a Grade-A moron.

Seriously, I disagree with every one of his positions. He’s an idiot.

He wants Roe vs Wade overturned and to make abortion illegal. Does he think making it illegal will make abortion go away?

He reluctantly agrees with the Death Penalty. How many criminals have been put to death and then exonerated through DNA or other evidence?

He wants the Ten Commandments displayed in public schools. What part of separation of church and state does he not understand?

He wants to stop stem cell research. I hope he breaks his spine and realizes this type of research might be his only hope.

He wants to isolate HIV and AIDS patients from the rest of the population. You know, you can’t get the disease from casual contact right?

He’s against same sex marriage and wants to sponsor an amendment to the Constitution to define marriage as only between a man and a woman. You do realize that marriage is simply a contract. Call it a civil union or a marriage, it makes no difference.

Finally, his utterly ridiculous belief in creationism instead of evolution makes me wanna puke. I fear for our science classes if he were to win public office.

I can’t stand religion invading politics. Go away.