I’m cold. I put on my robe and a cover and I feel warm again. I wish I could find the time to get my couch I bought from a friend more than six months ago.

I’m sad. I feel like the weight of the world is crushing down on me. I’m selfish thinking the world revolves around me.

I went out yesterday and the cold pimp slapped me like I’d tried to keep an extra $20.

I love that I have an eye for design and can tell when something is going to work and something isn’t going to work, although few people listen to me. I’m right about the billboards, but I don’t know if they will be changed.

I’m sad because I drank all the Seagram’s 7 and Sprite in my apartment.

I hate that all I can hear right now are central heating fans. It’s like a white noise, but I want it to be silent.

I kinda wanna get sick, so I can lay around on the couch under covers. I hate that I ate four huge homemade tacos and now I feel sick.

I wish I could find a talented penciller to work with me again on Slip Kid. I wanna see my comic in a store.

I hate that I’m getting old and my knees and ankles scream out in pain on a consistent basis.

I’m excited to play Fantasy Baseball even though I’m sure I’ll get my ass kicked as always.

I love hearing my phone’s ringtone, looking at the caller ID and seeing its a call from the two and a half hours away girl. Even when it’s 1 am or 7 am.

I hate that the Cardinals are going to put a pretty crappy team on the field in a few months. I hate that the Illini basketball team isn’t going to go to the NCAAs.

I still love my MacBook. And Lost. And Texas Hold’em on my phone. And the two and a half hours away girl.

I hate that I get so emotional over stupid shit.

I love knowing that I will go to work tomorrow and there will be hot cup of coffee for me.

I hate that my friends are far away.

I love that some of you really like what I’m doing here. I hope you tell more people.

I’m feeling better now.