Over You

It’s all over, but Hilary doesn’t know it yet.

The senator from the great state of New York was supposed to be the Democratic nominee for president. However, before you can say “Howard Dean,” the inevitable nominee is stalling while her opponent, Barack Obama, is gaining momentum. In a short amount of time, Hillary Clinton is no longer the front runner. This turn of events is specifically tied to Obama’s message of change.

It is clear to me, Obama’s inspirational appeal and philosophy of change has connected to voters all across the country. I like him because he’s an excellent speaker, has a unique multicultural and worldly background, has a political stand on many issues I agree with, and he appears to have a sharp, smart mind.

Hilary’s campaign is imploding. She’s losing campaign staffers and I expect she will start hemorrhaging volunteers on the grass roots level soon. Her machine is broken. Obama’s machine is cooking with gas.

The math on the delegates makes sense to me and I am terrible with numbers (but at least I didn’t major in miracles). Hillary has to win by huge margins in the two states she thinks she can win (Ohio and Texas). Her showing in the Potomac Primaries was abysmal and I don’t think she can do it.

The momentum that Obama is riding on is incredible. Thousands fill arenas to hear him speak. I have to admit, I’m tired of his stump speech because I’ve heard it so many times. However, its at the very least delivered with fire and vigor. John McCain spoke and I nearly fell asleep.

The Republicans are going to lose this election with a 70 year old man on the ticket. I admire his years of service, but he looks like the leader of the crusty old men party instead of the grand old party.

Like I said ages ago, Barack Obama is going to be President of the United States.