Whip It

Have you heard there’s a new movie coming out about this archeology professor who has adventures and wears a fedora and carries a whip? It looks all Saturday morning serial with crazy villains, crazy chases and crazy action. I think it might be a hit movie or something. Although, I’m not sure this Spielberg director has done anything worthwhile in the last 30 years.

Seriously, I’ve tried to avoid as much as possible about this movie. However, I’ve seen a few pictures and now the teaser trailer. This is what I surmise…

  1. The Roswell aliens are involved. The crystal skull looks like a Whitley Strieber alien skull and we see Roswell in the trailer.
  2. It’s set in the 1950s. Shia’s hair screams 50s greaser
  3. The bad guys are the Soviets.
  4. There will be an Ark of the Covenant joke somewhere in the movie.
  5. I can’t quite figure out the MacGuffin other than the obvious skull. It may not matter.
  6. Shia is obviously Indy’s kid. However, I can’t quite see Shia taking over the franchise. Too bad River Phoenix died.
  7. I’m very pleased Marion is in the flick.
  8. I will miss Sallah
  9. I pray Lucas stays far away.
  10. I won’t miss Sean Connery.