Calling Dr. Love

Gene Simmons doesn’t have a secret. He freely admits to having sex with girls who aren’t Shannon Tweed, his live-in significant other and mother of his children.

So, supposedly this sex tape is out there with the Demon having sex with an energy drink spokesmodel. It certainly looks like Gene. Fleshbot has some NSFW clips. However, I’m really surprised Gene hasn’t sued everyone associated with the Gene’s Secret website into oblivion. It may still happen.

The celebrity sex tape phenomenon is interesting. I remember when the Tommy Lee/Pamela Anderson sex tape exploded on the internet and in back alley video stores. That’s when the idea of finding celebrities and pseudo-celebrities having sex on video became this crazy way of making money. Lee and Anderson ultimately got a cut of the video sales of their stupid video and probably walked away with millions.

I can do a cursory search and be able to find dozens of videos and clips of celebrity sex tapes. Not to mention the ascension of amateur porn sites featuring non-professionals getting caught on tape or simply creating their own souveniers.

When I was younger, there wasn’t a free outlet available to see porn or even rated R clips. If I want to see, Phoebe Cates getting out of the pool in Fast Times and Ridgemont High (one of the most important movie scenes of my generation) it’s easy and free.

Our culture is oversaturated in sex. It’s why I laugh when a few get all upset over a tasseled nipple during the Super Bowl halftime show. I can’t imagine those people, who are upset over a second’s semi-flash of Janet Jackson’s boob, spending five minutes on the internet.

I’m anxious to find out what Gene does next. Any guesses?